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Donations or Pay As You Feel tickets
Donations or Pay As You Feel tickets

How to let your customers decide how much they'd like to pay for a class

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✨ Please note: Ticket costs are available on the Lite plan or above.

You can offer donation tickets to your customers in set amounts, meaning you'll set up a separate ticket for each of the fixed donation amounts that you'd like to offer.

This article covers:

Setting up a donation ticket

Creating a new donation-only entry

Select Add a new entry on your scheduling page to create a new entry:

From here, add all the relevant information under each tab.

Dates & Times:

It's a good idea to set up the entry as a '365-day' entry, so it appears at the top of your schedule for a year, making it easier for your customers to find. E.g.

Booking form:

Select the Booking form tab. From here, you can customise the booking form fields required for this entry, making the checkout process a little quicker for your customers.

For example:

1. Select No under Will children be attending? (as this isn't applicable to donation tickets)

2. Remove any unnecessary fields, such as Attendee email (as they're aren't any 'physical' attendances for donation tickets, and removing this allows your customers to purchase multiple tickets without flagging a 'double-booking').

To do this, select Select & reorder fields from the right-hand side:

From here, use the minus (-) next to each field to remove it from the form or plus (+) to add it back in:

When you have finished editing. Select Save form.

3. Create a T&Cs booking form field for your donation tickets. To do this, select Create a new field type:

Select Booking under What does this information relate to? to apply the field to the entire booking. Add a Field label, and any Additional help text regarding the T&Cs. Select Yes or No option under Field data type, and be sure to select Mandatory field so that customers cannot complete their purchase without agreeing to your terms:

Select Save field when you have finished editing.

Tickets & Costs:

Select the Tickets & Costs tab. From here, leave the Maximum event size field blank to allow unlimited purchases of these tickets:

You can then start creating your donation tickets by adding a Ticket name, Ticket details and a cost under Ticket cost:

When you are ready to start creating your next ticket, select Add another ticket type at the bottom:

Once you've created multiple tickets, the option will appear on the right instead:

When you have finished creating your tickets and are happy with your settings, select Save or Save & Exit in the top right-hand corner.

πŸ’‘ Please note: If you take online payments, your payment provider will take a small fee for your transactions, regardless of ticket type.

Adding donation tickets to your existing entry

To set up a donation ticket, select your entry, then Edit entry:

Select the Ticket & Costs tab. From here, you can add a new ticket for each donation amount by selecting Add another ticket type under Ticket options:

You can tailor and add as many amounts as you wish to offer, for example:

When your customers visit your page and select the entry, they can choose which amount they would like to purchase:

πŸ’‘ Please note: As each ticket equals one attendee, a single booker cannot purchase multiple donations. For this reason, we recommend that you make the attendee email booking form field 'non-mandatory' to allow them to buy multiple tickets within the entry.

Using payment providers to take donations

Some payment providers, such as PayPal and Monzo, allow you to create a unique link where someone can pay you directly for any amount.

✨ Stripe

Learn how you can set up one-off or recurring tips/donations via Stripe here. They have specific requirements, which you can find here.


Learn how to set up your unique link here.

To note:

Your link can be set up as receiving either 'personal' or 'goods & services' payments from within your account here. You can only select one of these options to be active on your account; they can be easily swapped if needed.

  • Personal payments intended from friends and family do not incur fees for the recipient and are not covered by PayPal protection.

  • By accepting goods and services, you will be protected by PayPal's protection and incur fees as the recipient.

Customers will need to have a PayPal account themselves if they choose this option and can select the exact amount they would like to pay.

Check PayPal's current merchant fees here.


Learn how you can use to generate a link and receive payment here.

After you've generated your link πŸ”—

You can then paste your link directly anywhere within the entry, such as the Description box within the Information tab of the entry:

Or you can post it in the General information box on your public page by selecting Customise page in the top right-hand corner:

Upcoming events - Booking by Bookwhen 2023-10-27 at 8.15.03 pm

Then paste it into the field:

This appears at the top of your public page:

Adding a donation button

Adding a button that links to your payment button at the top of your public page is a great alternative to simply pasting the link.

For example:

✨ Learn how to create buttons for your public page here.


The code for the PayPal button used in the above screenshot is:

<div class="view_button">Β  Β  Β  Β <a class="small button" href=""target="_blank">Donate via PayPal</a>Β  Β  Β </div>

To break it down:

Button shape:


Button colour:

(you can replace this from the list below)

<a class="small button" 

Payment link:

If it doesn't already include https://www. you will need to have this; otherwise, it won't work.



Ensures your button opens in a new tab so your customers don't leave the page they are on.


Text on your button:

(this is customisable)

>Donate via PayPal</a> 

You could, for example, change this to:

 >Add your donation using PayPal</a> 

Once you've created your button code, open your Public Page:

Select Customise page in the top right-hand corner:

Upcoming events - Booking by Bookwhen 2023-10-27 at 8.15.03 pm

Scroll down and paste the code into your General information field:

  • You can use the code </p> in between each code to create a line break to stack your buttons vertically.

πŸ’‘ Save your settings after you have finished and refresh the public page to view the result.

Code for button colours

<a class="small button"

<a class="small button success"

<a class="small button info"

<a class="small button secondary"

<a class="small button warning"

<a class="small button alert"

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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