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What is a Scheduling page?

This article explains the purpose of a scheduling page and its key features.

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A scheduling page is where you can create the events that you wish to promote and sell tickets for your customers to attend.

Depending on your plan, you can have multiple scheduling pages, and each page links to a unique public booking page.

This article covers:

You can access your scheduling page(s) under the Scheduling tab of your account.

You can manage all of your events within your scheduling pages. If you have more than one scheduling page, you can access all of them from the same drop-down list under the scheduling tab, in order of creation:

✨ Learn how to re-order your scheduling pages here.

You can add a new scheduling page to your account under Settings, then Schedule pages:

πŸ’‘ To note: Any changes you make to your scheduled published entries will reflect on your public booking page.

An example page πŸ“„

The page format displays the schedule list in order of date and time on the left-hand side and event details on the right (when you select an entry from the list):

  • Only team members on your account who have been granted access can access this page. You can learn more about different access levels for team members here.

Key features πŸ’Ž

Creating a new entry

Adding entries to your schedule creates events for your customers to book. You can learn more about creating entries here.

Filter to a past or future date

This is a very useful tool for locating an event from the past or viewing future events on your schedule quickly. Select the date in the top left-hand corner of your schedule list, then a date from the calendar pop-up:

✨ You can learn more about locating past events here.

Further filtering

You can also add filters for specific Tags, Entries, Locations or Leaders:

Additionally, in these settings, you can select Expand courses. When selected, this will unbundle your course entries on your Scheduling page. Allowing you to review each date on the course separately.

For example:



Edit an entry

Selecting Edit entry on an entry on your schedule will open the settings for the selected entry. Please note any changes made within these settings will apply to all events listed in the Dates & Times section on the entry.

Changes to single events

If you select the drop-down arrow next to Edit entry, a list of available actions appears that are specific to this event date/time (rather than the entry as a whole):

A breakdown of the actions you can take in this menu:

Event-specific information

Check and update information specific to this event, such as the capacity, information shared with attendees, the location and the leader for this event.

View bookings list

View the bookings list for this event.

View attendees

View the attendance list and register for this event.

Unpublish this single event

Hides the event on the public booking page.

Cancel event

Cancels the selected event.

Change event date/time

Allows you to reschedule the event.

Remove this single event

Removes the selected event entirely from the schedule.

Duplicate this entry

You can learn more about duplicating entries here.

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