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Memberships reporting

Learn where you can access reporting information for your memberships

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โœจ Please note: The Membership feature is only available on the Standard Plan and above, using Stripe as their integrated payment provider

It's important to stay updated on how your membership feature is doing. This helps you make informed decisions, such as changing prices or improving member benefits.

This article covers:

Reporting with the Customer list

The Customer list is a comprehensive way to get an overview of your memberships. You can utilise filters to refine the data and generate insightful reports based on your requirements.

โ€‹You can filter by:


Search for customers in a specific membership.

Membership status

Search for customers by status of membership (active / cancelled / due to cancel / payment failed)

Membership number

Search for customers by membership number

To do this, select Customers from the left-hand menu, then Filter by:

From here, select your filter option, then Add. In this example, all three membership filter options have been selected:

You can then tick/untick the relevant statuses, add membership numbers or select specific memberships. Then, select Search to generate the results.

The results will show in the list below, and you can export this list in a spreadsheet format by selecting the Options drop-down menu, then Export customers (CSV):

๐Ÿ’ก Important note

  • If you have manually added customers to a membership-based customer group, those customers won't show in membership filters as it only shows customers with payment records.

  • Use the customer group filter for a complete customer list.

Membership Overview

The membership overview page allows you to view the total number of active memberships.

Select Packages & Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Memberships. From here, look for the active customers figure within the membership tile:

If you have active customers, select View and scroll down to the Memberships section to view all active members.

Additional ways to view customer membership data

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