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If you wish to add a PAR-Q or health questionnaire, you can find more information here

Uploading your document

You can upload a new document in the files section.  

Note - you cannot upload documents if you don't have 'Account owner' status here. A fellow account owner can promote you or upload the document for you.

Make sure you give your document a name that will make sense to your bookers, and will be easy for you to find later.

Attaching your document to a booking field

You can now create a new booking field for the document here (Setup -> Booking fields). This section is where all your booking fields live. You can then decide later which entries the field will be used on.

When setting up the field, make sure you select the Check box - for capturing consent field type and give it a name along the lines of "I have read and accept the terms in the attached waiver document'.

Click the Attachment drop down menu to add in your waiver document.

If you wish for this field to be added to all current and future entries, you can select the 'Add to all entries' option. 

Or, you can add this field to only specific entries entries in your schedule by clicking Edit entry on the entry, going to Booking form and then clicking Select & reorder fields.

This is also where you can choose whether or not it is mandatory to check that box to make a booking.

How bookers can view the document and consent

During the booking, the booker will be able to see the field like this:

They can download and read the document by clicking on the blue text.

If you have set it to be mandatory, the booker will not be able to proceed unless they check the box.

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