Course tickets allow you to sell tickets covering all dates and times in an entry. If you accept attendances mid-course then you may want to use this feature to automatically reduce the course ticket price as each date passes on the entry.

  • Firstly head over to your selected entry via Edit Entry then Tickets & Costs.

  • Then select the checkbox titled Course ticket. Make sure you've saved your entry with at least two dates before creating the course ticket.

  • After selecting this, you'll see a setting titled Discount past dates as shown below.

  • This is the value you want your course ticket to decrease for each date that passes on your course.

  • In this example above the course ticket is £100, and there are 10 dates for the course, so I've decided to discount by £10 for each date that passes. For example on the 5th date of the course, the ticket would cost £50 to join the remaining course (5 x £10 discounted from £100).

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