If a booker has misspelt their email address, you may notice it's marked in red as an Invalid email on their customer profile page.

To correct this, select the Details tab on their page, and then select Edit underneath their email address:

You can then enter the correct email address and select Continue:

You're then presented with the option to email the booker confirming an email change has taken place, you can then select Confirm to make the update:

Once an email address has been corrected, you may want to resend the booker's confirmation email for their upcoming bookings. This process is explained further here.

Please note:

  • This function will only be available when Bookwhen can positively identify the email address is invalid.

  • If you suspect an email is incorrect but it's not marked in red as invalid, then please contact support to request an email address is updated. Quoting both the email address as it is currently, and what this should be updated to.

  • This function should only be used to update the invalid email address of a booker, rather than transfer the profile to the email address of a different booker.

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