Bookwhen gives you the option to ask the booker to pay via an offline method (e.g cash, bank transfer, childcare voucher etc.). 


Head over to Sales tools then Payments you'll see the option to edit Offline payments. We provide a free-form box for you to add custom instructions on how customers can pay you (it also accepts Markdown). For example, you might ask them to pay by:

  • cash on arrival

  • bank transfer or cheque (you can quote your bank details here)

  • child-care voucher

If you require the booker to provide you with some details to complete the booking (e.g. the reference they will use in their bank transfer, or Purchase Order number for invoice) then tick the box for Require payment details response from booker? The booker will be required to submit some information in a mandatory field in order to complete the booking.

Online and offline payments

If you don't decide to add an online payment method to your account, then Bookwhen will automatically show your offline payment instructions by default at checkout. However, if you add an online payment method to your account, your customers will only be shown the online payment option at checkout.

However, you can also set this option on an entry level. To change the setting, navigate to your Schedule page, select the entry in question and click Edit entry. Now go to Tickets & Costs. You now have the option to set:

  • Enforce online payment

  • Online/offline choice

  • Online payment only

Customer checkout

Below is a screenshot of an example offline payment instruction. The highlighted space for 'Additional information' will only appear if you've ticked the box for Require payment details response from booker? in your settings. In any case, the booker must click the box to Agree to your offline payment terms in order to complete the booking. 

Recording an offline payment

After the booking has been made -
Once you've received payment from a customer you'll want to record it on Bookwhen. To record the booking:

  • Navigate to the Bookings page

  • Click the booking code in question

  • Now click Record payment on the right-hand side

During a booking transaction -
If you are manually booking attendees onto an event you have the option to record payments during the process. After selecting your booker contact and attendee details you are taken to the payments screen -

Simply select Yes in the Record payment now field and enter a payment type and any notes you wish to include before clicking to complete booking.

Please note - if you click the Owes box in the Bookings page you can filter to only show results of bookings that still have an unrecorded payment associated with them.

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