Courses are especially useful for those who want to offer a program of events that has linked content. An example of this could be a yoga instructor course where each week the attendee builds on their previously learnt skills (learning about the philosophy of yoga in week 1, breathing techniques in week 2, advanced poses in week 3 etc.) and receives a certificate at the end showcasing what they have learnt.

Alongside our article below, we also have a help video on our Youtube channel just here which briefly explains how to create and replicate courses.

This article will cover:

How to set up your course

Firstly, you will need to have set up your entry in your schedule. If you need help with this please click here. Please bear in mind, you will not be allowed to set up a course if the recurring schedule is ongoing so please make sure you have an end date. Once you have this set up please follow the steps below.

  1. For those who have already set up an entry, choose this entry within your schedule and then click edit entry on the right-hand side of your schedule. For those who are starting from scratch, please click "add a new entry".

  2. After making sure your information, location and Dates & Times sections are filled correctly, head to the Tickets & Costs section on the left-hand side.

  3. Fill in all relevant details for this ticket and click the checkbox course ticket.

Here's an example of setting up a course with all details filled in.

When you have created your course, it will look like this on your public page where there is just one event with the course dates bunched together and 'Course' written in the title. When the first date of the event has passed the course will move to the next upcoming date on both the public page and admin schedule.

Good to know

  • A booker will book your course using the same process as any other type of ticket. They simply select the course from your schedule and follow the checkout process.

  • An entry must have more than one event for a course to be created.

  • Courses can be transferred! Please check out the article here on how to transfer tickets and what restrictions have been put in place.

How to prorate your course

If you would like to offer your customers the chance to join the course after it has started, then you can add in a discount for any past dates. An example of this could be dividing the ticket cost of the course by the number of weeks. Looking at the example above, the overall ticket cost £50 and I would like the course to be 4 weeks long so 50/4 = £12.50. You would then add this to the box here.

We have a helpful guide that provides further information on how to get this set up here.

Adding drop-in tickets to your course

You may want to give your customers the chance to buy drop-in tickets for the course. To do this, you would set up a new ticket option alongside your full course within the same entry. Head to the Tickets & Costs section and then click the green button that says 'add another ticket type'. Once you have set up a new drop-in ticket, there will then be 2 ticket options available to book for that event; a drop-in ticket and the full course.

After you add a drop-in ticket your course dates will appear individually on your schedule as each date will be available to book as a separate ticket, not just as a part of the whole course.

Course booking confirmation and reminder emails

You can customise your booking confirmation email if you wish, please read our article here on how to do this. Please be aware, any changes to your booking confirmation will also be applied to your reminder emails as the booking confirmation message appears in both.’

Once a booker has booked a course, they will receive a confirmation email like this that clearly shows the course dates/times, booking reference, cost of the course, and location. If the booker set up a password when prompted upon first booking with you, they can click the button 'view booking' in the email and see their booking on the Bookwhen system.

If your booker has booked a drop-in ticket, rather than the full course, they will simply receive a booking confirmation and reminder email (if enabled) for one event.’

How to set up your course for a live online event

Once you have set up your course in your schedule, you will need to make sure your account is fully integrated with Zoom and the location for your course has been set to 'Zoom Online'. You can read more about how to do this here.

When a customer books a course, they will receive a booking confirmation with details of the course and links to view the Zoom joining details.

If they click the blue button "View Zoom event" next to each event in the course series, they will see the joining details for that particular event. Each event will have a different Zoom ID.

Updating single events within a course series

This is particularly useful if you want to set one event in your course to be held online with the rest of the course being held in a physical location. You can also use this section to change the capacity of one event in the course only.

Simply click the small drop-down arrow next to 'edit entry' and click 'event-specific information'.

From here you can update the location and change the event size for this event. Any changes here will not affect other dates within the course series.

Adding pre-recorded content to your course

If you'd like to add a piece of pre-recorded content to your course so each week your customers are able to watch a new video, you will need to click on 'event-specific information' like in the screenshot above and then assign a video to the single event from either Vimeo or Youtube. You can also choose whether you would like to have this content appear only for the duration of the event or indefinitely. By checking 'allow ongoing access after event?' you are giving customers permission to view the video forever.

Rescheduling a course date with bookings

You are able to move a single date in a course over to another date and time without it affecting your bookings. This can be achieved by clicking on the small attendee button next to the date you wish to change just here within your schedule.

You will then be shown this page which is your attendance register for that single event. Just head to the drop-down arrow by options and click 'change event date/time'.

When you have selected a new date/time this change will then appear on your schedule. Please be aware, your attendees will not be notified so you will still need to update them on the change of time/date.

How waiting lists work on a course

Just as with any other event, you can also set up a waiting list for your course. To make sure you have enabled waiting lists and to read up more on how they work, please read the help article just here.

If you have created a course with the waiting list enabled, bookers can join the course if the event is fully booked. Once they have joined the waiting list, they will be sent an email notifying them of this and what place they are on the waiting list.

Good to know

When bookers sign up for the waiting list on a course date they are only signing up to be notified of available spaces on that one date. If a space becomes available before that date passes they will be notified of any available course or single tickets associated with that date. If the date they have signed up for passes they will not receive any notification of spaces on subsequent dates.

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