Early-bird or advance tickets are a great way to reward your customers for helping to fill up your event quickly.

Please note: Ticket costs are available on the Lite plan or above.

How to create an Early bird ticket

You can create an early bird ticket when creating or editing an Entry in the Tickets & Costs section.

  1. Complete the ticket fields as usual; you may wish to indicate that the ticket is an early bird offer in the ticket name or additional information sections.

  2. Enter your discounted cost in the cost of booking; this is the amount you expect to receive for the ticket with the discount applied (but does not account for any fees incurred through your payment gateway)

  3. Use the Restrict when this ticket is available field to specify when it will be available for purchase and when it will close (no longer be available). The period can be defined relative to the event's start (in days) or on a fixed date (you may specify the exact time and date). 

For example - if your event is in 6 weeks and you would like your customers to pay less only if they book before the last two weeks before the event date, you would create two tickets -

The first:

  • The standard ticket is at the full price with no time restriction.

The second:

  • An early bird ticket at a discounted rate is available for purchase 42 days (6 weeks) before the event and will close 14 days (2 weeks).

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