Recording attendances

Bookwhen allows you to record who attends your events in real time, you can find the Attendee List in your Schedule pages (as long as the event has bookings). This feature is available on Standard (and above) plans.

If your event is part of a course (where there are no non-course tickets) you can access it using the icon shown below next to your chosen date:

Click on the green icon to indicate that a booker has attended your event -

Click on the red icon if you would like to mark them as a 'no show' -

You can also click the 'X' to remove any record of attendance -

Or click at the bottom to mark all attendees (this will overwrite any existing record) -

Attendances will also be displayed in your Bookings tab -

Editing your attendee list columns

You can select any booking form fields you have set up and include them on the Attendee list by clicking on the icon at the right hand side of the table -

More Options

Use the 'Options' menu to access further options from the attendee list including:
Print - Produce a PDF or hard copy of the Attendee List.
View public event - see the event on the public page (and complete manual bookings if necessary).
View bookings list - see the relevant bookings for the event via the 'bookings' tab.
View email list - view, and copy, a list of email addresses for attendees of the event in case you need to contact them.
Cancel event - mark the event as cancelled on the public schedule (this will not notify attendees).
Change event date/time - Moves the event to a new date/time, including existing bookings (this will not notify attendees).
Export to CSV - Downloads a .csv spreadsheet file (for use with Excel, Google sheets etc.)
Edit table columns - see above

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