Recording attendances

Bookwhen allows you to record who attends your events in real time, you can find the Attendee List in your Schedule pages (as long as the event has bookings). This feature is available on Standard (and above) plans.

Click on the green icon to indicate that a booker has attended your event -

Click on the red icon if you would like to mark them as a 'no show' -

You can also click the 'X' to remove any record of attendance -

Or click at the bottom to mark all attendees (this will overwrite any existing record) -

Attendances will also be displayed in your Bookings tab -

Editing your attendee list columns

You can select any booking form fields you have set up and include them on the Attendee list by clicking on the icon at the right hand side of the table -

More Options

Further options, including printing the list, navigating to the events public page (to add new bookings as an administrator), viewing the bookings made on the event and exporting to a .csv spreadsheet file can also be found under the options drop down menu -

Watch the video:

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