Bookwhen has created a help centre here specifically for your bookers ✨

Here, your bookers can find guidance on:

Booking tickets

Entering Attendee and Booker information

Accessing online events

Booker Account Information

Class Passes


You can share these links wherever you feel they are needed, including event descriptions and/or ticket details, if you see fit.

To add a link to these fields -

1. Select your entry from the Schedule and click Edit entry -

2. Find 'Event description' in Information or 'Ticket details' in Tickets & costs (you may have to click the icon to edit a ticket if you have more than one set up) -

3. Enter the link and whatever text you wish to appear in this format -

<a href="" target="_blank">The text you want to appear here</a>

href= is followed by the link you want to point to, the link should be enclosed in " " marks

target="_blank" means that the link will open in a new browser tab (you can take this out if you don't want this to be the case).

The text that appears between > and </a> is what will show to your bookers in the event description/ ticket details.

We understand that nobody knows your bookers booking needs better than you do, so get in touch and let us know if there is any further guidance you would like to see added to this help centre.

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