When an email address is formatted incorrectly, Bookwhen will mark it as such, and you should be able to fix it as an invalid email using the process described here

If an email is valid, but you still need to change it, perhaps because of a typo in the booker's name or they have changed email addresses, you must contact Bookwhen's support team to complete the edit.

💡 Bookwhen cannot change an email for you unless we are confident that the new email address is still associated with the person that the original booking/customer record was. (The reason for this is explained in more detail below).

If previous bookings exist for the email address you want, you should not change it to transfer a booking to another customer. In these cases, You should cancel the original booking with a new booking created for the new customer.

What does Bookwhen have to consider before changing an email?

An email address is used on Bookwhen to define a customer. So, all the personal data that you have collected on them, including any other bookings they might have completed, is linked to the email address.

If an email is changed, it can allow another person to access the previous booker's data, which would be a contravention of the GDPR (and other data protection initiatives). In addition, as Bookwhen links bookings to the email address provided, any changes could also confuse your booking history and attribute bookings to the wrong person.

For these reasons, the Bookwhen team needs to ensure that changes to this field will not cause any problems. The quickest way to reach support is through our website live chat. You can also email support@bookwhen.com if you prefer. 

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