Bookwhen currently doesn't have functionality specifically designed to take deposits, but this article will outline how you can use existing features to take a deposit payment via Bookwhen, and collect the remaining sum at a later date. 

Step 1 - Ticket setup

Under 'Tickets and costs' you can decide how to set up your tickets for the event. You can choose to only take a deposit, take the full amount, or give the option for both.

Here's an example of how this can be set up:

It's very important to be clear that this is not the full payment, by utilising the ticket name and ticket details fields.

Step 2 - Booking

Here's how the above example looks for your customers:

Once a customer has purchased a deposit ticket, there will be no further interaction between them and the Bookwhen system. The outstanding payment must be collected by yourself, directly from the customer. We recommend outlining this process with the booking confirmation message in the booking email, so your customers know what to expect.

Payment providers like Stipe allow you to very easily send an email invoice for the remaining amount to the customer. Alternatively you can leave your bank details in the booking confirmation email or send a separate email with these at a later stage. 

It's not possible to make note of who has paid the full amount in Bookwhen, as the system classes the deposit payment as a full payment and will not consider any amount as 'owed'.

Do not use a second ticket type to collect the outstanding payment. The system will not allow the same attendee to book themselves onto the same event twice, so they will not be able to proceed with the booking when entering the same attendee email a second time. 

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