If one of your bookers has cancelled their booking, Bookwhen will automatically show them as requiring a refund on your Bookings tab. You'll notice the refund value is highlighted in red.

Bookwhen won't automatically refund a booker when a booking is cancelled, in order to give you full control over your bookings. This means that you manually control when a customer receives a refund and also how much is refunded. If you'd like to perform a refund for a booking:

  • Then select the booking you'd like to action a refund for by selecting the booking reference code here:

  • On the right-hand side, you can then select the View payment link:

  • You'll now be taken through to this payment on the website of your chosen payment provider, you may need to log into your payment gateway account.

  • You can then process the refund:

Refunding via Stripe

Refunding via PayPal

Refunding via Worldpay

Instead of refunding your booker, you may decide instead to transfer their ticket or provide the booker with credit in the form of a unique discount code.

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