Discount codes are setup in the Settings - Discount codes page. Let's work through the screenshot below to describe the settings.

  1. Name the set. Something just as a reference to help you keep organised, this is not the discount code.
  2. Restrict from date. Discounts will be able to be used against events that occur from the very beginning of this date (00:01 on 24th Jan 2018 in this example).
  3. Restrict until date. Discounts will be able to be used against events that occur up until the very end of this date (23:59 on 1st April 2018 in this example).
  4. Discount applies to. As well as a to and from date, discounts can be restricted by entry, ticket or tag. If you click 'Add usage restriction' you'll see your options. Leaving it completely blank will simply mean the discount/s can be applied to all events in your schedule page.
  5. Codes. If you click 'Add discount codes' you'll see a sub-menu of settings. This is where you can specify your code (please be aware they're case sensitive, in this example Bookwhen would work, bookwhen wouldn't). You can also set the expiry date of the codes here. If you need to edit these settings, you need to delete (see bin icon) and re-create again. You can add multiple discount codes in one set.
  6. Rules. This section is strictly for block booking discounts. Please see our help article on block booking discounts here.

To use a discount code, the booker must enter the code on the 'selected items' page before starting the booking by clicking the 'Enter discount code' option.

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