What is an entry?

An Entry is used to create single or multiple events (that have similar characteristics) for your schedule. There are lots of handy features and settings that make organising your events easier.

Editing an entry

Here are some of the essential features - you'll either see these when Adding a new entry or when you select your entry and click Edit entry. Please note any changes you make in an entry will affect all of its associated events (all dates/times for the entry).

Dates & Times

For a similar event type that repeats over multiple dates and times (like classes), you might want to use the repeating event function by ticking the box in your entry settings. If you're setting up appointments then please see here. Clicking on any of the times and dates you've created will provide you with some options to edit or remove the particular date/time. You can also remove a particular occurrence by selecting it on the Schedule tab, clicking the arrow on Edit Entry and selecting Remove this single event.

Once you've set up multiple events using the repeating event function you'll notice that clicking on one of the events in your schedule list will automatically highlight all other events in that entry in yellow.

Tickets & Costs

Apart from the basic information, you can add options for Course ticket or Group or family ticket. A course ticket will allow a customer to book onto all dates associated with this entry in one single purchase. A group or family ticket will allow a customer to purchase a ticket on behalf of a group.

Booking form

You can add and change fields for your entry's booking form here. Booker details are those associated with the customer carrying out the transaction whilst attendee details are for the customer and anyone else included on a purchase (when using group tickets or multiple ticket purchases). You can also set which fields are Mandatory.

Please be aware that changes to fields will affect any other entries they're included on.

Entry settings

Make sure under when to take bookings that you give your customers adequate time to purchase tickets ahead of an event. You can find out more information about event spaces here.


To delete an entry and all its occurrences. Bookings made on the entry will not be removed when the entry is deleted.

Personalising text and adding images

You might want to personalise the look and feel of your event text, or even add images. Please see our help article here for more details.

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