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You can find all bookings where your bookers have reached at least the checkout stage in the Bookings tab in the left-hand menu.

The Search field box is where you can search across all attendee and booking form data, e.g. name, email, address, phone number for the text you enter in.

The Entries box is where you can select specific entries to see bookings made for the events they contain.

The Tags box allows you to select tags you have created to display all entries that have that tag.

The Start date/time box defaults to today's date, so be sure to adjust if you are looking for an event in the past).

The End date/time box determines the end date of the search.

Booking status filters

By default, the bookings page displays 'completed' bookings only. You can tick/untick boxes to display 'cancelled' and 'checkout' bookings simultaneously or independently. More on booking statuses here.

Owes - This checkbox limits your search to those who do not yet have a payment recorded for their booking or bookings that may be due to a refund.


Using the Options drop-down box, you can also -

Reset search criteria - to start your search again

View email list - see a list of booker and attendee email addresses matching your current selection criteria.


Export attendances - produce a .csv file (opened with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or similar) containing all attendances relating to your selected search criteria.

Export bookings - produce a .csv file that contains all bookings relating to your selected search criteria.

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