Bookwhen sends some automated emails to your customers but you may wish to send additional campaigns through an email marketing service such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Typically, email marketing services ask for email addresses to be imported in a spreadsheet format such as .csv (a file type used in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or similar). 

Exporting an email list

We recommend using the Customer list or the Attendee List for this purpose. You can run your query and then click Search. In the example below we've filtered for customers who have consented to marketing. See here for more information about how to add that question to your booking form.

Your export options are:

  1. 'View email list'. Ideal for pasting straight into a mail provider like Gmail 

  2. 'Export customer (CSV). Better for importing into third party Mailer software like Mailchimp.

Importing your data to a third party

The process for uploading contacts differs slightly depending on the service you are using (for Mailchimp click here, or for Constant Contact click here). Generally, you will need to upload the .csv file (option 2 above) then select the columns that contain relevant information (email address, customer name, etc.). You may wish to make a note of which columns contain the information you need before you start. 

In some cases, you may be able to copy and paste names and email addresses directly into an email marketing service. If so just use option 1 above.

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