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View and change your Account plan
View and change your Account plan

Learn what plan you are on and the features available to you

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This article covers:

Where to view and change your plan

To view the plan you are signed up to, select Account from the left-hand menu, then Plans & billing.

From here, you can change your plan by selecting Upgrade or Downgrade underneath each option:

When you select either Downgrade or Upgrade, we will prompt you to add your billing information again, including your card number (even if it's the same card/account you are using for your current subscription).

Please be assured that we do this for validation purposes only, and you will not be charged until your next billing date when payment will be prorated to reflect the new plan.

Changing the currency

You can change the currency in which you view pricing options by selecting the payment settings link at the bottom of the page.

Switching between a monthly and annual plan

If you'd like to switch from a monthly to an annual plan (and vice versa) whilst remaining on the same level of plan, please select from one of the below links:

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