You may wish to sell another product alongside your tickets on Bookwhen. For instance, fitness instructors sell glow sticks for dance-themed classes, or activities instructors offer t-shirts as mementoes of the day. Whatever your event, there is usually an 'extra' you can offer to compliment your event and increase your profits.

Bookwhen doesn't currently have an add on or shop feature, however, it is possible to provide add-ons as long as your tickets are set up correctly.

How to sell 'extras'

To sell extras through Bookwhen all you need to do is make sure that every ticket you sell is linked to one attendance, even if this includes an add-on product.

For instance, if you are selling 1 add-on (let's say a T-Shirt), you could create the following two tickets:

  • Standard Entry = £10

  • Standard Entry + T-Shirt = £15

Each option offers 1 attendance to your bookers and each ticket indicates 1 attendee to the system.

If you have multiple types of tickets then you may need to ensure that you offer an 'extra' option for each ticket type. For example:

  • Standard Entry = £10

  • Beginner Entry = £8

  • Standard Entry + T-Shirt = £15

  • Beginner Entry + T-Shirt = £13

Along the same lines, if you wanted to sell multiple extras e.g. T-Shirts (£5) and gardening gloves (£6) you would need to cover every possible combination for your bookers, so your ticket options would be:

  • Standard Entry = £10

  • Standard Entry + T-Shirt = £15

  • Standard Entry + Gardening Gloves = £16

  • Standard Entry + T-Shirt + Gardening Gloves = £21

Considering attendees and attendances when selling tickets

This section explains you cannot simply add an additional ticket to your entry if you want to sell a supplementary item (which will not occupy an attendee space at your event).

As mentioned above, Bookwhen is designed primarily to sell tickets for events and because of this, every ticket that you offer is associated with at least one attendee (there can be more than one attendee per ticket with Group tickets).

For example, if were to set up 2 tickets for your event, this would cause problems:

  • Standard Entry = £10

  • T-shirts = £5

A booker could purchase both in one transaction, expecting to attend the event and receive a T-Shirt when they arrive. However, as far as Bookwhen is concerned, each of the above tickets brings 1 attendee to your event.

With the system expecting 2 attendees you could encounter the following problems:

  • Your event becomes fully booked because your 'maximum event size' has been reached even though the actual attendees that will come along is lower than your limit. So, 5 people purchasing a Standard ticket + T-shirt = 10 attendees on the system, even though only 5 people will walk through the door.


  • Any Attendee booking form fields that you have set up will be asked multiple times of single attendees. For example, if you have set up an 'Attendee name' field, anyone buying a Standard ticket + T-Shirt will be asked for their name for each ticket.

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