Whether you are sending out marketing materials, or encouraging your current attendees to bring along friends and relatives, you can make your events a more attractive proposition by offering a promotional discount.

With Bookwhen you can limit a discount code to one use per booker (determined by the email address that they book with), making it easy to offer a reduced price as a one off. 

1. You can create a discount code by navigating via your Setup menu - Discount options - Discount sets to this page.

2. Click on Add new discount set and complete the following fields

  • Name the set: this is for your own reference only will not appear to your bookers
  • Discount type: this should be 'ticket discount'
  • Restrict use on events from/until date: use these fields if you wish to limit which dates of events the discount can be used on
  • Ticket discount applies to: You should select any entry and/or ticket that you would like the discount to work on here

3. Now we are ready to create the discount code so click on Add discount codes

4. In the Add one or multiple codes field enter what your would like the discount code to be. This will be entered by your booker to claim their discount, and it will need to be exactly as written here (including all characters and capital letters). It is best to make the code as simple as possible, for instance 'introdiscount' will be easier for your booker to enter correctly than 'InTRo-DIScouNt'

5. Next, you can decide if the discount will be a fixed amount (e.g. £3 off) or a percentage amount of the ticket cost (e.g. 25% off) 

6. You can also set an expiry date for the discount in the Set if this rule will expire at any point field

7. If you want to limit the number of times the code can be used (in total, rather than per booker) enter an amount in the How many times can the code be used? field, (leave it blank if there is no restriction). Then check the Restrict to single use per booker email address? box to indicate that each booker can't use the code a 2nd time. 

8. Finally, click Add codes and then Save changes to complete the discount! 

Your promotional discount is now ready to use! The code can be included on any marketing materials you are sending to people who need a little extra encouragement to give your events a try!

Here is how it will look when your bookers use the code -

This article is part of an ongoing series aiming to empower you to get the most out of your Bookwhen subscription. Have you used one-off promotional codes to bring new attendees to your events? We love hearing from our customers so get in touch and let us know!

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