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As a booking system, Bookwhen is centred around a time slot that your customers book onto. However, there may be instances where you want to sell access to an online course or a product for example, and still use your Bookwhen page to do so. This guide will help you navigate your options.

For selling add-ons to events, read our article here.

Permanent items

For permanent products, such as vouchers, physical items or content you sell all year around, we recommend setting up an event as 'All day' for 365 days. If you start this event on 1st Jan 2020 for example, it will always appear at the top of your schedule (starting on the first day of the year) and stay until the end of the year, as the event only disappears once it is over. Here's an example of how to set this up:

And here's how this will look on the booking page:

Time limited access

If you're selling online video content for example, you might want that access to be time limited. In this case, we recommend making the event the number of days that the access is for. As the event will disappear once it's over, you might want to list in the interval of the length of the access. For example, if the access is 10 days, list that event every 10 days. Here's an example:

And this is how it looks on the schedule:

Adding private information or content

You might want to use your entry to allow access to video content for a certain amount of time. With our YouTube and Vimeo integrations, bookers will get access to a private link to view the videos, but that access will expire after the event ends. You can also set access to be indefinite if you wish.

If you have any other information or joining instructions you'd only like bookers to see once they have booked, you can read how to add it here.

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