You may be interested in offering a discounted trial session for your customers, allowing them to try out your experience before committing to purchasing a class pass or a full-price ticket.

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Trial Class

Firstly, you could consider creating a new entry on your schedule, especially for trial customers, separate from your regular classes with low-cost tickets. As demonstrated by this test example entry page:

Trial Ticket

Alternatively, you could provide a discounted trial ticket option alongside your regular events. With this option, you can also choose to limit the available trial tickets for each session, as demonstrated in this test example, there are 4 spaces for trial session ticket holders. Please note, this option does rely on your customers choosing this ticket option appropriately. You can read more about setting up tickets here.

Ticket creation:

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Trial Discount Code

Finally, you could instead create a trail discount code that you could then share with your customers who are wanting to try a session. In this example, I have selected the check-box so that this code cannot be used twice by the same customer, however, I have left the usage box blank so that there is no cap on sharing the code. You can also select which events you would like this offer to apply to on the left-hand side. You also have the option to limit the time period that the discount will be available, for example, a limited month trial discount e.g. TRYJAN50. All these settings are flexible to your needs and you can read more about creating discount codes here.

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