You may need to know certain information about your booker/attendees so that you can provide them with a better, safer, or more tailored experience when they attend your event. This information can be gathered using Bookwhen’s customisable booking forms.

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By default, Bookwhen will automatically ask your customers for 3 pieces of information when creating a booking:

If you wish, you can remove attendee special fields from your booking form. 

Once you've established your first booking form, Bookwhen will use that booking form by default for any new entries you create.

Editing a booking form

When you navigate to a Booking form after selecting Edit entry, you'll see Field options in the bottom right:

  • Select & reorder fields - add, remove or reorder the fields in your booking form.

  • Set mandatory fields - when ticked, these fields must be completed in order for the booker to complete the booking.

  • Create a new field type - explained below

Creating a new form field

There are 3 options to select which determine when, and how, the information requested in field label is collected:

  • Attendee - related to the person/people attending the event (name, email, phone number, etc.). Once created, these fields will appear under the heading Attendee details in setup - booking fields.

  • Booking - related to the booking itself, the field you are creating will be asked once per booking regardless of how many attendees, events, or tickets are purchased. Once created, these fields will appear under the heading Booking details in setup - booking fields.

  • Ticket - related to the tickets selected on the booking. Once created, these fields will appear under the heading Ticket specific details in setup - booking fields.

Adding or removing a field from all entries 

If you want to remove or add a particular field from all entries then you should navigate to Settings then the Booking fields section of your account.

  • Select Edit next to the relevant booking form field

  • You'll now see the following options:

Adding an attachment to your booking forms is explained further here.

Booking field types

Field data type - Your selection here will depend on the type of information you are trying to collect:

  • Plain text - Single line: This will provide your customers one line to respond in plain text and is useful to respond to questions that require answers of only 1-5 words e.g. ‘Full name.’

  • Plain text - Multi line: For when you require a little more information from your customers e.g. ‘Please provide your feedback on the ease of the booking process.'

  • Check box: A question which your customers can answer by checking a box e.g. ‘Please check this box if you wish to borrow a yoga mat.’

  • Check box - for capturing consent: As above for questions of consent e.g. ‘Do you consent to your picture being taken when participating.’ Please note once a consent field is created and used by a booker, this cannot be changed.

  • Yes or no option: Your customer will be given a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option to answer e.g. ‘Is this your first time attending this event?

  • Date selection: Your customer will be able to select a date from a calendar to answer the question e.g. ‘Please indicate the date when you qualified to participate in this event.’

  • Drop-down list: For when you would like your customer to select an answer from several pre-determined options e.g. ‘Would you describe your ability for this activity as beginner, intermediate, or expert?

  • Multiple choice - pick one only: A slightly different format to ask questions similar to the above.

  •  Multiple choice - select from list: A multiple choice list from which your customer can select more than one answer e.g. ‘Please indicate which items of equipment you need  to borrow for the event - racket, ball, shoes etc.’

  • Web address (URL): Will only accept answers formatted as a website address. 

  • Email address: Will only accept answers formatted as an email address.

  • Phone number: Will only accept answers formatted as a telephone number.

  • Address: Will only accept answers formatted as an address. 

You can use information you have gathered from your Booking Form fields to engage with your customers with the Customer List. Read more about how to do this in our help article here

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