You may want to offer your bookers a voucher - either to be used as refund credit or as a gift voucher.

If your customers would like to buy a ticket for a specific activity on behalf of someone else then we recommend that they purchase a ticket normally with their details, including the attendee details. This will ensure the gift is purchased without the recipient's knowledge. At the appropriate time, the recipient can be forwarded the booking confirmation email - which will contain relevant information for the event.

Gift Vouchers

If it's a gift voucher that best suits your needs, then you can create a discount code via Sales tools, then select Discounts. More information about discount codes can be found in our help article here.

For a voucher, you need to make sure the discount can only be used once, by entering '1' in the How many times can the code be used? field:

Please note that discount codes can also be set up to be used against a class pass instead of a ticket.

You can also create multiple voucher codes at once by separating them with a comma, as shown above.

Selling a voucher

  • Via Bookwhen - You could set up a 365-day event so that it stays at the top of your schedule page. You could name this 'Vouchers' or something similar. You can then include different voucher values as different tickets. In the post-booking information ask the customer to get in touch with you after purchase (quoting their booking code). On receipt of this email, you can create a unique discount code for them to redeem, or pass on a code that you have already created.¬†Creating non-time-specific entries is explained further here.

  • Via PayPal or Stripe - You may want to invite customers to pay a chosen amount of money by giving them a link to a generic 'send money' or 'voucher' function, provided by your payment processor (e.g. PayPal, Stripe). You could even provide this link in your Bookwhen public page (see here for help on customising this). Whenever you receive a payment for a voucher, you can then create a voucher for that value (e.g. ¬£15) using a unique discount code (as described above). Finally, share the discount code with your customer, to be used at their convenience.

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