It's possible to cancel a ticket, or transfer it to another event in your schedule. As an admin, none of your cancellation or transfer restrictions for customers apply and you can transfer tickets from dates in the past.

You can learn more about setting cancellation and transfer restrictions for your customers here and we also have advice specifically for your bookers here.

Cancelling or transferring a ticket

1. Click on your Bookings page.

2. Find the specific booking that you'd like to cancel and/or transfer tickets for by using the search options at the top.

3. Once you've identified your booking click on the booking code link (e.g. XYRDR).

4. Click the Ticket Options button next to the ticket (screenshot below) and then click either:

  • Transfer Ticket. This will give you an option to pick the entry you want to transfer to, followed by a list of available dates. Ticket transfer might not always be available, see below for more information.
  • Cancel Ticket. Canceling someone's ticket will not result in an automatic refund, read here for more information on refunds.

Once you confirm, Bookwhen will email the customer to inform them of the cancellation or transfer.

Ticket transfers will not work in the following situations:

  • When attempting to transfer to a ticket with a higher value.
  • Transfers to Group tickets with different attendee numbers.
  • If you're a Free plan user.

You can read more about transferring these ticket types in our support article here.

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