It's possible to cancel a ticket, or transfer it to another event in your schedule. This process works for both administrator and customer. First check your settings here to ensure you're allowing either.

1.Once logged in, click on your Bookings page.

2. Find the specific booking that you'd like to cancel and/or transfer tickets for by using the search options at the top.

3. Once you've identified your booking click on the booking code link (e.g. XYRDR).

4. You'll now see information for this specific booking. This is very similar to what your customer can see too - when they log in or click on the link sent in their original booking confirmation email from Bookwhen - including the options to cancel and transfer, but not delete.

5. Click Ticket Options button next to the ticket and then click Transfer Ticket or Cancel Ticket (please see below for what to do if Transfer Ticket does not appear).

6. To transfer a specific ticket click Transfer Ticket. Select the entry that contains the relevant ticket you'd like to transfer to on the first drop down menu, then click the second drop down menu to select the specific date and time.

Currently transfers will not work in the following situations:

  • When the ticket is a course ticket.
  • When the ticket is a group ticket. 
  • When attempting to transfer to a ticket with a higher value.
  • If you're a Free plan user.

You can read more about transferring these ticket types in our support article.

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