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Removing a single event from a recurring schedule

Sometimes it's necessary to remove an event from your schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, or if you simply want to limit your availability over a holiday period for example.  To do so, navigate to the Schedule page and click on the event you wish to remove, now click the down arrow next to Edit entry and click to 'Remove this single event':

Note: This option will not be available to you if you only have one date in the entry. In this case, you will need to delete the whole entry, as outlined further down this page.

To avoid scrolling through all your dates on the schedule page, you can also locate the next upcoming date in the recurrence, click on it in the schedule list, then go to 'Edit Entry' and 'Dates and Times' and remove the date from there:

Please note that if there is any attempted or completed booking history on the removed event, it will continue to show in red on your schedule, but won't be visible to bookers. 


Removing an event does not cancel any existing bookings, so you may wish to either cancel and refund, or transfer customers' tickets to a different event. Reminder emails (Standard Plan or above) will not be sent for removed events.

Unpublishing an event or entry

All dates and times in an entry

If you wish to still have editing access to an entry but don't want it to be visible to bookers or bookable, you can unpublish an entire entry series in the settings like this:

This will unpublish all dates within this entry.

A single date/time in an entry

If you wish to only unpublish a single event in an entry, you can do so from the schedule page like this:

If unpublishing a date in a course, you can do this via the attendee list:

Using the Options button:

Note: Unpublishing an entry does not affect existing bookings, and reminder emails (Standard Plan or above) will still continue to be sent. You can republish the entry the same way.

Republishing an event

You can republish an event in the same place as shown in the above examples.

Deleting an entry (and all dates within it)

If your entry only has a single event, or you wish to delete all the events within an entry, you can delete it by clicking 'Edit Entry' on the schedule page, and then navigating to 'More options':

Note: Deleting an entry does not cancel any existing bookings, so you may wish to either cancel and refund, or transfer customers' tickets to a different event.

If you have deleted an entry by accident we can recover it within a certain amount of time, so please contact support.

Further options you may wish to consider:

Changing the date or time of an event

If you've not yet taken bookings you can move the event to a different time or date, rather than removing it entirely. If you need to change the date/time of an event that already has bookings you can do so with our reschedule feature.

Cancelling an event

If you have already taken bookings for an event and wish for it to remain visible on your public booking page with a cancellation note, you can read how to do this here.

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