There may be instances where instead of issuing a refund for a cancelled ticket or transferring the ticket to a new date, you'd prefer to issue a credit to your booker.

This way the booker can redeem the credit for a future booking. Which guarantees the funds stay with you and you also don't lose the transaction fee, which may not be returned to you depending on your payment provider.

This article covers:

Handling a single cancellation

In this example, the booker purchased a £10 ticket for a class that was since cancelled. The ticket has also been cancelled:

Depending on your terms and refund policy, you may decide to issue a credit to the booker in the form of a discount code. In this example, the booker is owed £10 as a one-off. 

To create a credit, firstly head over to Sales tools, then select Discounts:

You can create a discount set with a useful name, that is private to you, for example, 'Class cancellation credits'. Within the discount set, you can create as many discount codes as needed, by selecting Add discount codes:

In this example, I'm thinking ahead and making the code generic enough so I can re-use it again for other customers in the same situation.

I've named the code CancelledClassCredit1 (this is what the customer must enter at checkout). I've made it the same as the cost of the ticket - £10* - and have restricted it so each customer can only use that code once. 

You can also set 'How many times can the code be used?' if you know how many you need (e.g. 1 if it's only for one single customer ever)

*Note: If you were to make a 100% discount code, this would be applied to the whole basket. This would mean that someone with 10 tickets in their basket would get them all for free unless the code was restricted further. 

Handling multiple cancellations

If you've had to cancel multiple classes with multiple bookings, you have two options:

1 - You can give out discount codes per booking total. So say a customer has purchased three tickets, each at £5, you could give them a £15 discount code. However, a discount code must be used up in one go, so if they next just book a £5 ticket and use the code, they lose the remaining £10. It's not possible to split a discount code.

2 - You can apply the same principle as outlined in the screenshots above, but add as many discount codes as you need to cover the customer with the highest amounts of cancelled tickets.

In this discount set, I am just working with £10 discounts to keep an overview. 

As you can see, I've created 4 unique discount codes. Now I can hand them out as follows:

A - All customers who have had just one of their tickets cancelled receive the code CancelledClassCredit1

B - All customers who have had two tickets cancelled receive the codes CancelledClassCredit1 and CancelledClassCredit2

C - All customers who have had three tickets cancelled receive the codes CancelledClassCredit1, CancelledClassCredit2 and CancelledClassCredit3 etc

Note: Discount codes can't be stacked, so each code will need to be used once, on its own, at checkout. So if a customer wants to buy three new £10 tickets with their three codes, they will need to do so in three separate bookings. 

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