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Event cancellation

If you need to cancel an event, there are a few different ways to do so, depending on how your event is set up. If instead of cancelling you wish to remove or unpublish your event, you can read how to do that here.

Cancelling a single event

To cancel an event, firstly select it on your Schedule page so that it is highlighted. Then, from the down arrow next to Edit entry select Cancel event:

Cancelling multiple or all events 

To cancel multiple or all events, you will need to repeat the process above for each date and time you wish to cancel.

Course cancellation

To cancel a single date/time within a course, highlight the course in your schedule by selecting it, which will then show all the course dates/times on the right-hand side. Then select the attendee's icon 👨‍👧‍👦 of the date you wish to cancel:

This will bring up the attendee list for that date/time on the course. You can then select from the Options dropdown menu Cancel event:

Cancelling all dates in a course

To cancel an entire course, you will need to follow the above for each date/time on the course.

Cancellation message

When you cancel a date/time, you will be given the option to input a cancellation message. Which will then be displayed on the public booking page when a customer views the event:

This is how the cancellation message will be displayed to your customers:

A few things to consider:

  • Cancelling an event does not notify any attendees automatically, and they will need updating if needed.

  • Existing bookings remain intact on the cancelled date/time. So you can decide if you wish to cancel and refund, or transfer customers tickets to a different event instead.

  • This action will only cancel that single event, and won't have any effect on the rest of your events, even if they are part of the same entry.

  • Tickets will be visible on cancelled events on the public booking page, but not selectable.

Reversing an event cancellation

If circumstances have changed, or you cancelled an event by accident, you can revoke a cancellation via the down arrow next to Edit entry, select Revoke event cancellation:

Notifying your customers

Whilst we don't currently have a feature that sends cancellation emails automatically, you do have the option to copy your attendee's email addresses easily into your own email provider. To do so, navigate to the attendee list for your event, then select from the Options drop-down menu, View email list:

You will then be able to either select Copy emails or Open in your email client and BCC them into your own email provider, to notify your attendees of the cancellation:

Refunding or compensating your customers

Once you've decided to cancel your event, you have a few different options on how to handle your bookings.

  • You can cancel the customers booking/ticket and issue a refund via the payment method.

  • Alternatively, you can transfer the customer's ticket to a different event, or if it's a special ticket (e.g. course or group ticket), cancelling and rebooking them manually.

  • You can also offer a discount code of the value they paid, to redeem against a future ticket instead.

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