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Learn how to sign up to the 2-week free trial of the Standard plan

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We currently offer a 2-week free trial of the Standard plan, a fantastic way to test the system to ensure it's the right fit for you and your business.

This article covers:

How to sign up

You can sign up by entering your email address, account name and any additional information such as company type and timezone. Once completed and you've agreed to the T&Cs, select Create account:

Sign up screen highlighting the different fields users need to fill out, including email address, account name, sector and timezone.

We send an activation email to the email address you entered when creating your account. Within the email, select the Confirm your account button within the email to verify your email address and set a password:

Activation email example containing the 'Confirm your account' button highlighting what users will receive after signing up.

💡 To note: If you have chosen the wrong timezone or simply wish to change it, please contact us via live chat or email to action it for you.

What the free trial includes

You can access all of the features available on the Standard plan. These include:

How to upgrade

If you decide you'd like to upgrade to a paid plan, select Account from the left-hand menu, then Plans & billing:

Setup page example, highlighting the 'Account' section of the left-hand menu. An arrow pointing at an 'Upgrade' button at the bottom of a plan, highlighting how users can upgrade their account.

Then select Upgrade under your desired plan.

You can choose whether to sign up for a monthly or annual plan and enter the Name on the invoice, Billing address, and any discount codes (by selecting Apply discount code):

Upgrade screen with an arrow pointing at 'Apply discount code', highlighting where users can click to apply a discount code to their account.

When ready, select Enter payment details:

Example of upgrade screen, including 'Name on invoice' and 'Billing address' fields and the 'Enter payment details' button.

This takes you through to the payment page, where you can securely enter your card details before selecting the green Pay x + VAT button:

Payment page screen example, showing the 'Card number' field and pay button.

And that's it! We are delighted to have you join us! 🕺💚

Time remaining on the trial

You can check to see the time remaining on the trial by selecting Account, then Plans & Billing. The time remaining on the trial will appear in the banner at the top of the page:

'Plans & billing' page, highlighting the banner at the top of the page where users can view how long left they have on their Bookwhen trial.

💡 To note: We will email you before your trial period ends. If you decide not to upgrade, we will drop your account to the free plan, and you won't be charged.

Early bird discount

We offer an early-bird discount if you decide to sign up before the 2-week trial ends. Please be aware that the discount reduces daily, so the earlier you sign up, the more money you can save. 🤑

You can find this offer under the Plans & Billing page. The discount amount and how many days remaining on your plan appear at the top of the page:

Example of how much a user can receive as a discount if they sign up to a paid plan early.

If you don't upgrade

Once your free trial ends and you haven't upgraded, the system automatically downgrades your account to the free plan, designed for free events and restricted to 50 bookings per month, 1 admin user, and 1 schedule page.

💡 To note: Features not available on the free plan include Payments, Discount codes, Bulk booking discounts, Ticket transfers, Passes, Waiting lists, Reminder emails, and File attachments. You also cannot take payments on the free plan.


You can cancel your account anytime, even during the trial period.

💬 Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! 🕺

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