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Latest product updates 🎉
Latest product updates 🎉

Here's an article covering all the new changes and improvements made on Bookwhen!

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If you have any questions about any of the changes made, please don't hesitate to message our support team on live chat or email 😊

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Spring 🌸

March - May 2024

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Enhance the security of your account by enabling our new Multi-Factor Authentication functionality for an extra layer of protection.

  • Cancellation notifications: You can now set an account-wide default or custom cancellation message that links to your refund policy. Your customers will be shown this information when they go to cancel their tickets.

Default example

​Custom example

  • Customer Portal: Your customers will now see a message about transfer limitations, reflecting your chosen settings set within your booking preference options.

Winter ❄️

December 2023 - February 2024

  • Customer Portal: The ticket management process has been enhanced. "Manage Tickets" sits outside the main options menu. Bookers will be advised if transfer or cancellation isn't feasible, along with a convenient "Contact Organiser" link to find your details quickly for support.

  • Customer Portal logic: The logic has been adapted. For customers with no upcoming events, we'll automatically display their past experiences via the past events. A prominent "Book Again" button encourages them to re-book with you.

  • Customer Portal: Making re-booking even easier! We've added a 'book again' button to past event listings, so your customers can get to your public booking page easily to re-book their favourite experiences.

  • Speed improvement - Making bookings as an admin: We've improved the speed when making bookings as an administrator. The list format which showed all customers, has now been replaced by a search function. Read more on how to add attendees manually.

  • Accessibility: As part of continued efforts to ensure Bookwhen is accessible to all, event list buttons can now be selected using a keyboard. See more about our commitment to accessibility via our accessibility statement.

  • Memberships general release: Our memberships feature is now available for those on Standard plans and above. Learn more about this feature on our memberships overview article.

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Autumn 🍂

September - November 2023

  • Reminder email settings: We've extended the maximum reminder email send interval for your customers from 50 to 60 days, giving you more flexibility in managing communication.

  • Improved Gift Voucher emails: We've upgraded the content in the emails your customers receive when purchasing a voucher. The attached voucher email now includes clear instructions on redemption. Check out the booker voucher help guide, "The emails you receive" for a preview of these enhancements.

  • Public booking page basket modal: As part of our efforts to improve your customer's experience, we've made it easier for them to add passes and/or memberships to their basket without having to navigate away from your public booking page.

  • Gift vouchers: We've introduced a new Online Gift Vouchers feature. This gives you a new revenue stream and also lets your customers easily share meaningful experiences through gifting vouchers. Learn more on this here.

  • Admin UI design: As part of our continued efforts on upgrading the look and feel of our admin site, we've made some changes to the font style.

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Summer 🌞

June - August 2023

  • Login page: We've split out our login page on to differentiate the access for our Admins and Bookers.

  • GA4: You can now connect your Google Analytics 4 property to your Bookwhen Public Booking page. Read more on how to connect this here, and how to set up new custom conversion events here.

  • Discount code redemptions now take priority over pass redemptions. You can learn more about this update here.

  • We made some additional changes to how you can navigate from your public page to your scheduling page. You can learn more about this new process here.

  • Customer portal: We introduced the new and improved Customer Portal. This was designed to streamline how your customers can access and manage their bookings in one place. Learn more here.

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Spring 🌸

March - May 2023

  • For Linked Accounts that are using the Class Search Portal feature, a new call to action button has been added to the search results cards.

  • Two new columns (L and M) have been added to the bookings report .csv export. These are: franchise fees (column L), which lists the commission fee that is transferred from the total booking cost to the Franchise HQ and franchisee takings (column M). The franchisee takings lists the total amount that the franchisee takes after the franchise HQ commission fee is deducted.

  • Alert message banners can now be pulled through on iframes when embedding Bookwhen into your site. You can read more on how to embed Bookwhen here.

  • You can now host live events on Vimeo. Details on setting this up can be found here.

  • Link for Stripe integrated accounts. If you're using Stripe as your payment gateway, you can now offer Link to your bookers. You can find details on setting up Link on your account in our guide. Bookers can find details on how to use Link here.

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Winter - 2022/2023 ❄️

  • Non-paid tickets such as pass redemptions and free ticket listings no longer show as a value in your bookings list. You can see more here.

  • You can now re-order the memberships you offer. You can read more about how to do this here ✨

  • There is no limit on pasting tags that are comma separated. If you'd like to paste tags without commas, the system will limit the paste to 40 characters.

  • Markdown no longer shows in calendar feeds for a clearer view.

  • Any Zoom meeting titles with more than 200 characters will be trimmed, and an ellipsis (...) will appear at the end to replace the further characters.

  • Cost-based columns are now exported with decimal points when exporting attendance or booking reports as .csv files.

  • Schedule pages can now be reordered. More details can be found here.

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September - November 2022 🍂

  • The navigation sidebar has been amended, Discounts, Passes, and Memberships can now be located under Packages & Discounts. Additionally, your Payments settings are now located under Settings.

  • The booking reference, booking date and time and attendees' first and last names within the attendance register can now be arranged alphabetically. See here for more details.

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June - August 2022 🌞

  • To help identify separate entries with the same title, the next upcoming date and time for entries and tickets are now shown in the restriction settings for discounts and passes.

  • Discounted tickets can now be transferred to non-discounted tickets by team members.

  • Our new affiliate page is available here.

  • Class passes have changed terminology! They are now named Passes.

  • Passes can now be restricted by a fixed timeframe. See here.✨

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay are now available on accounts integrated with Stripe 🎉 See here. Please note: these do not load in an iframe.

  • You can search for a booking more quickly using the uppercase booking reference code, for example, GHF5F.

  • Franchises have a new dashboard. Previously named 'Franchise dashboard', now named Accounts dashboard and can be found under the new Linked Accounts section. Connected accounts have also changed terminology. Previously named 'Connected accounts', now named Accounts dashboard, can be found under the new Linked Accounts section.

  • Our Help for Bookers site has moved! You can now view it here. ✨

  • We've changed how you assign pre-recorded content to your entries. Details on uploading Vimeo content here and YouTube here.

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March - May 2022 🌸

  • Bookings completed with a payment gateway or system error are now flagged for your attention, accessible here.

  • You can now add an advisory age range to your entries in either months and/or years. This setting is explained further here.

  • You can now use an existing template when creating a new schedule page as a template, demonstrated further here.

  • You can now sort your locations by address or most recently added, which is explained in more detail here.

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December - February 2021/2022 ❄️

  • You can now download a CSV report of your purchased Class passes, located here.

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September - November 2021 🍂

  • In your Scheduling page filter settings, you can now Expand courses to view course entry dates individually, demonstrated further here.

  • There is now the option to remove a related customer from a customer's profile.

  • Schedule page name has been added to attendance and booking CSV exports to improve reporting across your account.

  • It's now possible to transfer a ticket to a ticket with a higher value. Bookers won't be charged or refunded automatically for any transfer difference. This will need to be processed and recorded manually.

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June - August 2021 🌞

  • We've improved the layout and design of discount codes. The view of remaining redemptions has also been improved for clarity. All available discount code settings remain the same.

  • CSV Exports can no longer be accessed by Leaders (Account owner, Schedule manager, and Booking admin Team members retain their access). This is a security precaution to protect your bookers' data.

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March - May 2021 🌸

  • We have a brand-new layout! While the functionality of each existing menu item has not changed, you will find the main tools for daily use on the left-hand side now, with the top-right being reserved for a new feedback area, the help section and your personal account area. No changes have been made to the layout of your public booking pages.

  • We’ve introduced an easy way for you to access any bookings you have made as a booker, using the new drop-down in the top right when logged into your business account. Located on the Bookings tab.

  • Locations have had an update, and you can now add additional information about the venue, such as disability access or lockers. To do so, navigate to Settings, then Locations and click to edit any physical location in your list. Any information provided here can be seen on your public event page.

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December - February 2020/2021 ❄️

  • We have recently launched new languages for the public pages, including the latest additions of Norwegian and Polish. You can see a list of all available languages here.

  • Your account's timezone is now displayed next to the event time on public pages and on public system emails to make bookings across different time zones easier.

  • You can now bulk-resend booking confirmation emails for a specific event (useful for when the date/time or location may have changed).

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September - November 2020 🍂

  • We've launched a brand new Leaders feature, allowing you to assign a team member or instructor to an event. This also comes with a new attendee-list-only access level. Learn more here.

  • You can now create a public profile for anyone delivering a class, course or event on your public schedule.

  • The attendee list columns are now all editable, and we've added new columns for entry name, ticket name, class pass use and discounts. Head over to your attendee list and select Edit table columns from the Options dropdown.

  • You can now set Bookwhen to delete customers' records after a set period of inactivity in the Bookings options area. Great for ensuring data protection and security. Learn more here.

  • You can now make changes for certain dates within an entry by overriding the entry settings. This allows you to embed a specific video on an event, change the event capacity or location, and also add an event-specific leader.

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June - August 2020 🌞

  • You can now set reminder emails to go out on the same day. Learn more about how email reminders work here.

  • You can now change your default Zoom settings, like waiting rooms and muting on entry, from within Bookwhen.

  • It's now possible to create your own validated booking fields to request data in a certain format. You can read more information here and get in touch if you'd like this switched on for your account.

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March - May 2020 🌸

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December - February 2019/2020 ❄️

  • If you need to cancel your event, we have a new cancellation option that displays the event as cancelled to your customers on the public booking page.

  • We've released a new dashboard feature if you're a franchise owner. Drop us a message if you'd like to know more.

  • You can change an event's date, time or duration and automatically move the associated bookings. Particularly useful for postponements.

  • We launched a Facebook Community Group. Come join us!

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September - November 2019 🍂

  • We've added new fields to the entry setup, including age range, gender restriction and activity levels.

  • You can now view or download your invoices and view statistics about your subscription usage under the Options drop-down under Account, then Plans & Billing.

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June - August 2019 🌞

  • We launched v2 of our API! We've built on the calls from v1 to include attachments, class passes and more. Learn more here.

  • The discount code input has been made more prominent in the checkout. It's now also easier for bookers to change an auto-filled attendee and link back to your website from the booking confirmation screen.

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March - May 2019 🌸

  • Standard plan users can now mark off attendances in the system, and you can customise the columns in the attendee list, learn more here.

  • Class passes had a big update, allowing you to change their order on your public page and edit and delete bookers' class passes.

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December - February 2018/2019 ❄️

  • We've launched a support site that you can share with your bookers here.

  • If you're subscribed to a Bookwhen Plan, you can view past invoices like this.

  • Our blog has many new articles, including great insights from fellow members and best practices.

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