Jan - April 2021

  • We have a brand new layout! While the functionality of each existing menu item has not changed, you will find the main tools for daily use on the left-hand side now, with the top-right being reserved for a new feedback area, the help section and your personal account area. No changes have been made to the layout of your public pages.

  • We’ve introduced an easy way for you to access any bookings you have made as a booker, using the new drop-down in the top right when logged into your business account. See ‘Your bookings’.

  • You can now give us product feedback by using the new ‘feedback’ button within your Bookwhen business account. All of this feedback will go directly to the product team for discussion and prioritisation.

  • Your locations have had an update, and you can now add additional information about the venue. To do so, navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘Locations’ and click to edit any physical location in your list. Any information provided here can be seen on your public event page.

  • We have recently launched new languages for the public pages, including the latest additions of Norwegian and Polish. You can see a list of all available languages here.

  • The timezone of your account is now displayed next to the event time on public pages and on public system emails, to make bookings across different timezones easier.

  • You can now bulk-resend booking confirmation emails for a specific event (useful for when the date/time or location might have changed for example).

July - December 2020

  • We've launched a brand new Leaders feature, which will allow you assign a team member or instructor to an event. This also comes with a new attendee-list-only access level, more info here

  • You can now create a public profile for anyone delivering a class, course or event on your schedule.

  • The attendee list columns are now all editable, and we've added new columns for entry name, ticket name, class pass use and discounts. Go to your attendee list and select ‘Edit table columns’ from the ‘Options’ drop down.

  • You can now set Bookwhen to delete customers' records after a set period of inactivity in the ‘Bookings options’ area. Great for ensuring data protection and security. Learn more here

  • You can now make changes just for certain dates within an entry, by overriding the entry settings. This allows you to embed a specific video on an event, change the event capacity or location, and also add an event specific leader

June 2020

  • You can now set reminder emails to go out on the same day! Read about how reminders work here

  • You can now change your default Zoom settings, like waiting rooms and muting on entry, from within Bookwhen.

  • It's now possible to create your own validated booking fields to request data in a certain format. You can read more information here and get in touch if you'd like this switched on for your account.

April 2020 - May 2020 

Jan 2020 - March 2020 

  • If you need to cancel your event, we have a new cancellation option which displays the event as cancelled to your customers on the public page.

  • If you're a franchise owner we've released a new dashboard feature. Drop us a note if you'd like to know more!

July 2019 - Jan 2020

  • We've added new fields to the entry setup, including age range, gender restriction and levels!

  • You can now view your invoices and statistics about your subscription usage under the 'options' drop down on your account plan page

  • Checkout improvements: Making the discount code input more prominent, making it easier for bookers to change an auto-filled attendee and linking back to your website from the booking confirmation screen

Jan 2019 - July 2019

  • Standard plan users can now mark off attendances in the system, and everyone can customise the columns in the attendee list. Read how here.

  • If you're subscribed to a Bookwhen Plan, you can view past invoices like this

  • There's lots of new articles in our blog, including great insights from fellow customers and best practices.

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